Postgraduate Research Archaeology Symposium

Photo Competition – Exposing Archaeologies

Exposing archaeologies is about the archaeology that surrounds our everyday lives. It is about how we observe other worlds impacting our lives through their essence but also through their silence. Exposing archaeologies is therefore about how our contact with archaeology changes our own world, viewed from a different angle, a different lens. Participate with a photo that describes what are your thoughts about archaeology and how it has influenced your life. It can be anything from a perfectly captured moment to an everyday snapshot.

This is an invitation for you to participate in our first archaeological photo contest ‘Exposing Archaeologies’, within the framework of the 10th postgraduate research archaeology symposium (PGRAS10). There are no composition, developing or format rules. The only thing to consider is that you will only be able to submit one photo, and if selected, this will be displayed in an A3 size (300 dpi minimum).

The contest will be divided in two parts, submissions, open from today until the 20th of May, and contest on the 2nd and 3rd of June. There is no editorial committee for the photo competition but the best 12 photos, based on your vote (20th -22nd of May), will be displayed and the overall winner will be displayed in the Archaeology building on Avenue Campus!

You will be able to upload your participating photo until the 20th of May. After this, the first voting will be at the Flickr-based group from the 20th to the 22nd of May. This is to choose the best 12 pictures and exhibit them on the 10th Postgraduate Research Archaeology Symposium (2nd -3rd of June). On those days you will be able to vote for the best photo and the overall winner. These two days (2nd and 3rd of June) a voting box will be open for you to submit your vote. Finally, at the closure of the event, the winner will be announced and the photo will be placed in the Archaeology building.

If you are interested in submitting, please upload your photos to PGRAS 10 Flickr Group with a short description of your chosen photo (e.g. why it is meaningful to you…why did you take it?)

Even if you don’t submit you will be able to vote for your favourite picture online and on the conference so please do vote, we are counting on you!

How to submit

  1. Take your picture in digital format – or digitize an old film photo that you think would be perfect!
  2. Login to Flickr – if not member sign up, it’s free!
  3. Upload your photo in your Flickr account
  4. After uploading go to and join the group (moderation takes a few minutes, don’t panic)
  5. Click to add your photo to the photo pool – click were it says add photos
  6. Choose your best picture and add it. You will be able to upload just one photo

Good luck!