Postgraduate Research Archaeology Symposium



26th May Lecture Theatre B

9:00-9:10 Opening Talk – PGR Coordinator Dr David Wheatley

9:10-10:25 Consumption in the Medieval Times – Chair P. Franco

10:25-10:40 Coffee Break

10:40-12:25 Ceramics, Rituals and Society – Chair B. Jervis

12:25-13:30 Lunch Break (will not be provided)

13:30-14:20 Keynote Speaker 1: Prof. Stephanie Moser ”Design and Colour in the Visual Imagining of the Past”

14:20-14:30 Break

14:30-15:45 Sites, Tools & Landscapes – Chair J. Cole

15:45-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:15 Origins of Modern Behaviour – Chair I. Romanowska

27th May Lecture Theatre C

9:00-10:15 New Approaches to Archaeological Data – Chair P. Murrieta

10:15-10:30 Coffee Break

10:30-11:45 Heritage & Data Management – Chair G. Beale

11:45-13:00 Lunch Break (will not be provided)

13:00-13:50 Keynote Speaker 2: Dr Yannis Hamilakis ”Archaeologies of the Senses, Archaeologies of Affect”

13:50-14:00 Break

14:00-15:40 Landscape & Technological transition – Chair C. Papadopoulos

15:40-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-17:40 Archaeological Ethnographies & Theory – Chair A. Chrysanthi

17:40-17:45 Closing Talk Head of Archaeology Dr Jon Adams

17:45-18:30 Visiting Speaker: Dr Joshua Pollard ”From house to henge: the genesis of late Neolithic monumental architecture”

18:30 Wine Reception