Postgraduate Research Archaeology Symposium

Abstracts 2016

Submitted abstracts for PGRAS 2016.

Caroline Armstrong: “Long-Term History of Barton-Upon-Humber.”

Abdullah Basonbol: “A Comparative Study of South Arabian Pottery before Islam (500 B.C – 600 A.D).”

Benjamin Brown: “‘From Edge to Edge’: Photogrammetric analysis of handaxe edge symmetry and its importance to the symmetry debate.”

Peter Brugger: “The Problem of the Pot.”

Peter Bye-Jesen: “Taking a closer look.”

Núria Garcia Casacuberta: “Choice for case study 1: the Alexandrian emporion.”

Roberta Cascino: “Settlements  of the ager Veientanus. Preliminary data on South Etruria Survey.”

Helen Chittock: “Pattern and Purpose in Iron Age East Yorkshire: The Itineraries of Plain and Decorated Objects.”

Katherine Crawford: “Religious Activity within the Cityscape of Ostia.”

Cory Cuthbertson: “Interpreting Palaeolithic Cognitive and Linguistic Ability from Lithic Variability.”

Thomas Dhoop: “Thirding Storms and Medieval History: Correlating historical sources with environmental proxy records using micro-XRF studies of sediment cores.”

James Dilley: “A well-made spear is worth three.”

Charlotte Dixon: “Miniaturising boats: the value of models.”

Crystal El Safadi: “An Alternative Representation of the Maritime Space-Time of the Levantine Basin.”

Merlin Evans: “The Dominant beast: Animality and Human Origins.”

Stephanie Evelyn-Wright: “Studying Impairment and Disability in 1st-4th century AD burial contexts – my progress so far.”

Christianne Ferneé: “Like Pulling Teeth: Using microCT to understand the causes of changes in tooth size and morphology in Britain.”

Samantha Field: “The First Step in reassessing the use of Dental Wear for Determining Age at Death.”

Julieta Flores Munoz: “Overcoming singularity of the Nahuas in Veracruz: Exploring the Space.”

Carlos Garrandes: “Renegotiating human-sea relationships”

Christian Hoggard: “A Jack of all blades? Exploring Neanderthal technological variability through “morpho-potentials” and a techno-functional perspective.”

Leah Holguin: “Hydrosocial Dynamics of the Mongolian Gobi.”

Adam Hussey: “‘’Architectural Experience’’ in Holcombe Villa.”

Kiki Kuijjer: “Exploitation of prevailing winds and currents by the earliest known seafarers, reaching and colonising Australasia c. 50,000 years ago.”

Stéphanie Mailleur: “Roman ports’ architecture studies from the perspective of the iconographic evidence.”

Emilia Mataix Ferrandiz: “In search of lost trade. Scripta commercii , Roman law, and Mediterranean ports.”

Micheal Murray: “Underwater Laser Scanning in Maritime Archaeology; Phase I and II Case Study Results.”

Elizabeth Osinga: “Ceramic challenges in the countryside of Northeast Jordan.”

Felix Pedrotti: “The nature of the Po River: The geological and anthropogenic life of a delta.”

Dave Potts: “Network Analysis of Roman Transport Routes in the Roman Mediterranean.”

Kate Rogers: “Shooting Archaeologists.”

Trevor Rowe: “Augmented Reality in Archaeology As A Tool For Interpretation.”

Zeeshan A. Shaikh: “ANCIENT NAVIGATION IN THE ERYTHRAEAN SEA: A General overview.”

Sarah Stark: “I Won’t Grow Up’: Early Childhood at medieval Wharram Percy.”

Peny Tsakanikou: ““Turned the Sea into Dry Land”: an alternative reading of the Lower Palaeolithic archaeological data from the Aegean region and the implications for hominin movement and occupation history.”

Matthew Tyler-Jones: “The Apotheosis Moment.”