Postgraduate Research Archaeology Symposium


You can also download the conference booklet with schedule and abstracts via this link.

Day 1: Thursday 2nd June

9.30-9.40 Introduction: Prof. Yannis Hamilakis
Session 1: Experiencing the Past. Chair: Grant Cox.
9.40-10.00 Gareth Beale The Herculaneum Amazon Project: One year on
10.00-10.20 James Miles Transformations of the Winchester Cathedral Close from the Seventh Century Saxon Church to the current Cathedral through the analysis of visual representation
10.20-10.40 Jude Jones The Stripping of the Box-Pews: Discovering the Lost Churches of the Long Reformation
10.40-11.00 Alex Walker Beyond the Looking Glass: A question of tactile access to museum collections
11.00-11.10 Discussion
11.10-11.25 Coffee
Session 2: Living in the Past. Chair: Gareth Beale.
11.25-11.45 Catriona Cooper Lived Experience at Bodiam, Scotney and Ightham in the Later Middle Ages
11.45-12.05 Ben Jervis There’s No Place Like Home
12.05-12.25 Carolyn Felton Sexual Dimorphism in Human Vertebral Morphology: Facet Joint Orientation and Degenerative Joint Disease
12.25-12.45 Bartomeu Vallori Architecture and Urbanism in a provincial city: the Roman city of Pollentia (Mallorca, Spain)
12.45-12.55 Discussion
12.55-2.00 Lunch
Session 3: Living in the Environment. Chair: Eleanor Williams.
2.00-2.20 Emilie Sibbesson The Inbetweeners: 4th millennium BC foodways in the Thames Valley, UK
2.20-2.40 Richard Chuang A Study of Pig Bone Growth Rate in Iron Age and Roman Britain Contexts
2.40-3.00 Julie Walker Congenital and developmental spinal defects in the Great Chesterford, Cambridgeshire population.
3.00-3.10 Discussion
3.10-3.25 Coffee
Session 4: Living on the Move. Chair: Dave Underhill.
3.25-3.45 Iza Romanowska Modelling dispersal: what colourful sheep can tell us about the first out of Africa?
3.45-4.05 Eleanor Scerri The Aterian of north-east Africa and its place in the story of modern human dispersals
4.05-4.25 Rodrigo Pacheco Ruiz Scilly’s Iron Age: Some Considerations Regarding Connectivity
4.25-4.45 Paty Murrieta Flores Understanding human movement through spatial technologies.  The role of natural areas of transit in the Late Prehistory of South-western Iberia
4.45-4.55 Discussion

Book and Cake Sale (during coffee breaks and lunches)

In aid of Asociacion Mexicana de Lucha contra el Cancer, a well-established Mexican organisation that run hospices and offer support for people with cancer and their families. They also conduct research and run education campaigns.

Day 2: Friday 3rd June

Session 5: Living with Objects. Chair: Emilie Sibbesson
9.30-9.50 Dave Underhill-Stocks The Fauresmith of South Africa
9.50-10.10 Sarah Coxon Deconstructing Diversity: The Role of Creativity in European Bronze Age Ceramic Craft
10.10-10.30 Rob Lee Innovation, coincidence or tantalising connection? Potential relationships between boat building and the development of British tool kits in the Middle-Late Bronze Age
10.30-10.50 Rob Huber Studying The Performative Qualities of Late Neolithic Enigmatic Art.
10.50-11.00 Discussion
11.00-11.15 Coffee
Session 6: Trade. Chair: Rodrigo Pacheco Ruiz
11.15-11.35 Dave Potts Network Analysis of Roman Transport Routes in the Imperial Roman Mediterranean
11.35-11.55 Geoff Taylor A Journey through the Romano-British Countryside
11.55-12.15 Carolyn Coulter Cross-cultural relations between England and Northwest Europe AD c.400 ‚Äď c.1200: with special reference to stone commodities
12.15-12.35 Seth Priestman Indian Ocean Ceramic Trade: 500-1000 AD
12.35-12.45 Discussion
12.45-1.30 Lunch
Session 7: New Approaches to the Historic Environment. Chair: Eleonora Gandolfi
1.30-1.50 Costas Papadopoulos Materialising Strategies in Archaeological Practice: Photography as a Recording Method and the Perception of Three-Dimensionality
1.50-2.10 Tom Frankland Applying human-computer interaction methodologies to the study of archaeological research practices
2.10-2.30 Nicole Smith The Cultural Heritage Sector and the Web: Does the Web really provide new solutions to old problems?
2.30-2.50 Katherine Robbins Understanding the Past, Interpreting the Present: a study of the changing relationship between metal detectorists and archaeologists
2.50-3.00 Discussion
3.00-3.15 Coffee
Session 8: Mortuary Archaeology. Chair: Ben Jervis.
3.15-3.35 Marge Konsa A chronotopic approach to burial analysis
3.35-3.55 Eleanor Williams They came, they saw…they buried: Reconstructing French and English Cluniac funerary practices.
3.55-4.15 Lucy Shipley Persons and Pots: Changes in the Tarquinian Funerary Record and the Performance of Elite Etruscan Self
4.15-4.25 Discussion
4.25-5.00 Wine

5.00pm onwards: Key note address by Prof. Tim Champion and Prof. Matthew Johnson: ‚ÄúReflections on Southampton‚Äôs Postgraduate Community‚ÄĚ, followed by wine reception and the results of the photography competition.