Postgraduate Research Archaeology Symposium

Keynote speakers

Wednesday 26th May

Prof. Stephanie Moser, University of Southampton
Design and Colour in the Visual Imagining of the Past

Thursday 27th May

Dr Yannis Hamilakis, University of Southampton
Archaeologies of the Senses, Archaeologies of Affect

In this talk I will review recent attempts at sensuous/sensory archaeology, and using a range of examples, I will propose a broad framework for this emerging field. My main thesis is that a sensuous and sensory archaeology is not a representation of the past, it is rather an evocation of its carnality and corporeality. It is not about mechanically or chemically induced simulations of sensory experiences, but rather about mnemonic recollection, feeling, and affect. It is not about individuated impressions and solitary walks, but rather about trans-corporeal, experiential landscapes.

Thursday 27th May

Dr Joshua Pollard, University of Bristol
From house to henge: the genesis of late Neolithic monumental architecture