Postgraduate Research Archaeology Symposium


Angeliki Chrysanthi: Management of Archaeological Walks: An On-site Interpretation and Presentation by Means of Emerging Technologies

Ben Jervis: Rubbish and the Creation of Urban Landscape

Carolyn Coulter: Cross-channel Relations Between England & Northern Europe

Christina Karlsson: Bronze Age Food Culture: A comparative study of South Scandinavian and Central European attitudes towards food

Clara Fuquen Gomez: Logboats of Coqui: An Ethnohistoric and Ethnographic Approach to Material Culture, Cultural Identity and Adaptation

Constantinos Papadopoulos: A Leap of Faith: The Contribution of Digital Archaeology to the Reconstruction of Greek Neolithic

David Potts: Network Anaylisis of Roman Transport Routes in the Imperial Roman Mediterranean

David Underhill-Stocks: The Fauresmith of South Africa

Eleonora Gandolfi: Present Virtual Past: Modelling the Late-Holocene Landscape of Sebkhet Halk el Menzel, Tunisia

Emilie Sibbesson: Mesolithic Leftovers or Neolithic Culinary Revolution? Food in the 4th Millenium BC

Gareth Beale: Flesh and the Ideal: Rethinking Roman Polychrome Statuary

George Leader: Victoria West Prepared Core Technology at Canteen Kopje, Northern Cape, South Africa

Iza Romanowska: Where is the Lower Palaeolithic in Eastern Europe Hiding?

James Cole: Theory of mind and the development of the body and material culture in visual display

Karen Ruebens: Crossing Borders: The Late Neanderthal World (MIS 5d-3) from a Macro-regional perspective

Katie Robbins: Collection Bias and the Portable Antiquities Scheme

Kristian Strutt: The Landscape and Settlement Pattern of the Tiber Delta. Confronting the Evidence

Leif Isaksen:  Interoperate with whom? Archaeology, Formality and the Semantic Web

Lucy Shipley: Finding gender and sexuality in Etruscan Italy: a tale of two concepts

Lucy Waterson: Ritual Practice in rural Kent, A.D. 43-410

Mu-Chun Wu: Spatial Integration and Consistency: Exploring Settlement Pattern in Saqacengali, Taiwan

Patricia Murrieta Flores: Building Theory of Movement: Exploring the Role of Landscape Markers during Iberian Late Prehistory

Pina Franco: African Amphorae from Portus

Rob Lee: The Bronze and Wood Age: Craft, Innovation and the Specialist Woodcrafter in the European Bronze Age

Seth M.N. Priestman: Transformation of the Late Sasanian/Early Islamic Maritime Eonomy in the Persian Gulf and Western Indian Ocean

Silvia Bungaro: The Principality of Seborga: An Ethnography of a Re-/Produced History

Vasko Démou: Acropolis Un/Interrupted: A Visual Biography